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Our Pledge


Pretty as a picnic is sustainable by design. Using pre-loved items to style picnics, upcycling pallets as tables and using high quality tableware and glassware that is reused over and over again. We pop-up and leave with out any trace, and the food and flowers we use are sourced locally and seasonally where possible.


At Pretty as a picnic we couldn't be as successful if it wasn't for the beautiful environments we host our picnics. That's why we appreciate our planet so highly and do everything we can to be as sustainably as possible for it's future. But, we recognise we can always do better to reduce our carbon footprint and this is our pledge to do better.

2023 Action Plan

  1. Reduce the use of plastic including packaging

  2. Manage our waste better

  3. Start composting

  4. Source food locally

  5. Source flowers locally

  6. Reduce our distance travelled

  7. Move away from diesel vehicles

  8. Always use pre-loved or up-cycled furnishings

  9. Never use single use items

  10. Reduce our water usage

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